Remember Me: What Remains

“Remember Me: What Remains” is a multimedia performance art piece by Sarah Edward. This post introduces the work and how you can engage with it. 

“Remember Me: What Remains” is a re-presentation of archival field recordings of locally extinct frog calls. The calls now exist as a sound archive at Museum Victoria. Sarah Edwards will re-present the frog calls as an overlay back onto the former museum sites.

system_gardenTwo broadcast sites are virtual: Melbourne’s Old Royal Mint and the State Library of Victoria (to be launched on Thursday 29/8). Two are actual: the System Garden at the University of Melbourne, and the Missing Person seat at Carlton Gardens.

1. Within the heritage-listed tower of the System Garden, the frog calls will be continuously broadcast during opening hours: 9am – 5pm Monday 2/9 to Friday 13/9.

2. From Monday 2/9 to Friday 13/9, Sarah will sit on the Missing Persons seat located in the Carlton Gardens precinct and broadcast frog calls from a portable CD player. The performance will occur each week night between 5pm and 6pm located next to the Heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Buildings. The bench is approximately 100 meters west of the intersection of Gertrude St and Nicholson St, Carlton, under a large tree overlooking a small pond, serving as a site to remember those who have gone missing.

Sarah Edward acknowledges the generosity of Dr Murray Littlejohn in making his unique field recordings available. The project was made possible with the support of The University of Melbourne and Museum Victoria.


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