Sound Substituting for Substance: An Interview with Artist Sarah Edwards

When all the Growling Grass Frogs are locally extinct, all that remains are memories and field recordings. In this interview, Melbourne artist Sarah Edwards offers a delicate reflection on Remember Me: What Remains, a work of frogs and field recordings, of the future and the memories. Advertisements

Greening the Guys at the Golfing Green: Grass, Gender and Ecology

R drives me through the course in the electric golf buggy, and introduces me to the apprentices, cutting out grass plugs affected by black spot fungus, and replacing them with new grass plugs grown in the nursery. They shake my hand, visibly proud of the work they are doing together. I am a little out […]

When L is for listening: Catherine Clover’s B is for Bird, C is for City

More than a ubiquitous and annoying backdrop to our cityscapes, seagulls can give us pause to “reflect on our species prejudices”. In this post read Evelyn Tsitas’ fascinating and thought-provoking response to Catherine Clover’s audiovisual installation piece B is for Bird, City is for City. Her review explores the questions the piece asks of the […]

Ecomedia and identity politics: the Australian Government’s definition of “ridiculous” research projects

Australia’s newly elected Liberal Coalition has proposed to redirect funding away from “ridiculous” humanities research projects. This post argues for their importance and outlines what positive social and environmental contributions such projects make to Australia.