Spring Celebrations

King’s Park in Western Australia sits high on a ridge overlooking Perth’s city skyline and the Swan River. Every spring its botanical garden delights as the carefully tended collection of Australian native flora paint the flower beds in bursts of colour. See some of this year’s spring collection in this post.  Sturt Desert PeaMy father has always been an enthusiastic amateur photographer. As a young girl I remember being his model as he worked out how to superimpose images using a camera he had newly acquired–it took a few tries, but he eventually managed to get the desired effect of placing my face in the centre of a flower (however, in my opinion, the image where the flower had been given a set of human shoulders was equally pleasing!). Recently, he sent me a picture of the sturt desert pea (above) from his smart phone. I knew instantly he was in King’s Park, and I had a hunch that he would have his SLR camera with him. I immediately commissioned him to photograph some of the park’s spring beauty so that I could share his efforts on the blog, a request he was more than happy to oblige.

As with any photograph, I could spend time considering the multiple meanings produced by their framing, composition and lighting, as well as by their content–what they include-exclude and foreground-background, etc.; however, I will limit myself to just one “critical” reflection. In photographs where the colours of the blooms are so bright and the natural sunlight is so warm, the predominant feeling that these photographs provoke from me is celebration!

Click on the image below to see a gallery of these gorgeous flowers. If you know the names of these flowers or can add any anecdotes about your encounters with them, please share either in the comments to this post or in comments on Flickr.

Click on this image to see the gallery.


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