About Eco-Critical Connections

Eco-Critical Connections is a blog dedicated to exploring the complex interconnections between culture and the environment. It was born out of the energy that arose from the 2012 “Regarding The Earth” ASLEC-ANZ conference, and the desire to continue the dialogue about real world problems facing the people, animals and fauna with whom we share this beautiful planet. We would all like to believe that our world and everything within it is resilient enough to withstand our desires, neglect and avarice, but is this really the case?

We invite scholarly and creative contributions from the postgraduate and postdoctoral community around the world that are concerned with eco-poetics and ecocritical explorations.

These include, but are not restricted to, works that consider the place of the human in the world, and the impact that we have on the environment; our fear of a possible environmental catastrophe, or denial of our impact on the environment, and how these are culturally and politically constructed and represented. We also welcome works that consider the place of non-human animals within the human-centered experience and of the impact of humans on other species.

Would you like to write for Eco-Critical Connections?

Be succinct: Please keep posts to 900 words or less.

Share stories and photos: We all inhabit this planet and experience it as individuals as emerging academics. We’d like to hear your voice as well as your theories.

We are inter-disciplinary: We welcome scholarly articles, observations, reviews, poetry, musings and short essays.

Interested? Email ecocritical.connections@gmail.com, preferably with a sample piece of less than 900 words. If you want to suggest a post or ask a question – visit our feedback page.


The editors

Emma Nicoletti, a PhD student (English and Cultural Studies) at the University of Western Australia, whose research interests consider the ways the more-than-human crops up in culture generally and in the SF novels of Jeff Noon particularly. She is the current post-graduate representative for ASLEC-ANZ.

Evelyn Tsitas, a journalist and author who has recently completed her PhD in Creative Writing at RMIT University investigating the human animal hybrid in science fiction, and who writes and blogs on media, art, popular culture and the environment. She is the current post-graduate representative for ASLEC-ANZ.

Cathy Fitzgerald, a visual artist-filmmaker living in rural County Carlow, Ireland, who is currently undertaking a practice-thesis artful PhD inquiry based on a long-term forest transformation project in the forest in which she lives.


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