John Barleycorn Must Die

Emma’s literary studies generally focus upon late-twentieth literature (science fiction novels to be precise, which via her ecocritical perspective, seem to fit Dan Bloom’s description of clifi). However, one of the novel’s she has been analysing begins with an epigraph from a traditional English folksong (circa 1650s), her thoughts about which she shares in this […]

Sound Substituting for Substance: An Interview with Artist Sarah Edwards

When all the Growling Grass Frogs are locally extinct, all that remains are memories and field recordings. In this interview, Melbourne artist Sarah Edwards offers a delicate reflection on Remember Me: What Remains, a work of frogs and field recordings, of the future and the memories.

Ecomedia and identity politics: the Australian Government’s definition of “ridiculous” research projects

Australia’s newly elected Liberal Coalition has proposed to redirect funding away from “ridiculous” humanities research projects. This post argues for their importance and outlines what positive social and environmental contributions such projects make to Australia.